Duo Waves (December 2016)

In past playlists we’ve had the pleasure of highlighting some of our favourite works for chamber forces, like Solo Waves and Small Ensemble Waves.  In this month’s playlist we’re focusing on the Duo – compositions for two instruments.  This playlist is an hour of intimate “dialogues” between viola & piano, saxophone & percussion, violin & electronics, voice & piano and saxophone & piano. The piano is a notable, trusty accompanist here, a kind of sequel to last month’s Keyboard Waves and we’re excited to see a degree of improvisation in some of the works also. As you listen we hope that you too notice the special character of these musical explorations, as compared to the “conversations” that arise from ensembles of more than two players. Lastly, we took special pleasure in noting that a duet can take place with electronics – check out Giles’ End to Reattain to see what we’re talking about.

We hope you enjoy our final playlist for 2016! If you are loving these playlists and works, don’t forget to let us and our featured composers know. One of our greatest assets is, that our composer family are very much present in this space and appreciate your support. What a great time to be making, performing and listening to new music!

Not sure what to get that special musical person in your life for the festive season? No problem, we’ve got you covered! We encourage you to check out the special new way to support our work here at Making Waves via our These are a few of our Favourite Things page. Not to mention our brand new tote bags and discounts on fabulous manuscript and business e-books!

Hear something that catches your attention? To find out more about a musical work, click on the track name in the playlist and then again on ‘view track’. To find out more about a particular composer, click on their name in the ‘Details’ section below.


  1. Diana Blom, Into the Sun
    for viola and piano. Performed by Dawn Bennett (viola) and Diana Blom (piano), studio recording at WSU.
  2. Vincent Giles, End to Reattain
    for violin and live electronics. Performed by Vincent Giles (electronics) and Lizzy Welsh (violin).
  3. David Keeffe, Broken Moon – Haiku 1
    for voice and piano.  Performed by Tim Jaques (voice), Ross Carey (piano).
  4. David Keeffe, Coolness – Haiku 2
    for voice and piano. Performed by Tim Jaques (voice), Ross Carey (piano).
  5. David Keeffe, Ebb-Tide – Haiku 3
    for instruments. Performed by Tim Jaques (voice), Ross Carey (piano).
  6. David Keeffe, Flowers in the Evening – Haiku 4
    for voice and piano. Performed by Tim Jaques (voice), Ross Carey (piano).
  7. Brad Gill, Trails in the Sky
    for improvising alto saxophonist and percussionist. Performed by SIDEBAND: Brad Gill (vibraphone), Sam Gill (saxophone).
  8. Catherine Likhuta, Let the Darkness Out
    for alto saxophone and piano. Performed by Emma Di Marco (alto saxophone). Catherine Likhuta (piano).

We’d love to hear about your listening experience! Share your thoughts or send messages of support to our featured composers and performers in the comment box below. We also encourage you to click through to Soundcloud to like, comment and subscribe to Making Waves as well as the composers, performers, and presenters featured.

The Duo Waves playlist will be featured until 1 January 2017. All previous playlists from 2015 & 2016 are available in our blog archives for the life of the project, so please do explore the website for previously featured sounds.





2 thoughts on “Duo Waves (December 2016)

  1. Dawn Bennett says:

    We are so excited to be included in the Duo Waves list. Thank you everyone for making this happen. I am really enjoying the list, particularly Catherine’s work for also sax and piano.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Making Waves says:

      Many thanks Dawn & Diana. We love your recording, and how the viola and piano work together in Diana’s work. It’s great to hear your thoughts on the entire playlist!


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