David Newnes


I am a Sydney born and bred bedroom composer. Making music has been a form of therapy and personal development for me. It’s about child hood, and expresses a sacredness with an eccentricity, a humour and a diminutiveness in the sound of the instruments and synthesizers heard within my music. I have sought to express very unique and subjective feeling tones from my child hood in my music. There are many underground, independent and relatively unknown artists that have been a source of inspiration over the past few years while making music, but I have been primarily influenced by ambient electronic music since playing video games in the 1990s, and artists such as Aphex Twin, Amon Tobin, Autechre. More recently this has evolved into a much more coherent style after hearing the music of Colleen, Susumu Yokota, Ryan Teague. I am always seeking to expand my horizons musically and creatively.

Composer website:  https://soundcloud.com/thezoochild

Featured Works

Don’t Remember Anything, for VST plugins of synthesized pianos for audio software: Cubase, Steinberg WaveLab and FL Studio and virtual synthesizers.

This composition is an ambient electronic track that although essentially form and musical ‘structuring’ is not followed strictly as with normal song structure there is a repeated form of melody, rhythm and harmony the listener can identify unique to my style among tracks within the same album and other albums or EPs.

Featured in Dream Waves playlist, December 2017.