Nicole Brady


Nicole Brady’s work as a composer includes commissions by the National Gallery of Art & National Symphony US (Score to silent film ‘Le Pied du Mouton‘ for the opening of the Joan Miro exhibition), Savassi Jazz Festival Sao Paolo (Orchestration of the four movement ’Spaces’ Piano Concerto by Kenny Werner), Omega Ensemble (‘Valse in ‘Listesso Tempo’ and ‘Postlude’). As well as performances at Le Poisson Rouge, Reduta Olomouc, Haydn Saal (Orchestra of Vienna), New York Music with a View Festival, Austrian Contemporary Music Society, Provincetown Theatre New York, and the Sydney Opera House.

Her music for Feature Film has been shown in competition at A list festivals including Tribecca, Cannes, Shanghai, and won awards such as the Jury Gold Medal Award for excellence at the Park City Film Music Festival, and the Elmer Bernstein Award. Her work in Video Games includes lead orchestration on AAA games series Final Fantasy XII, Tekken, Valkyria Chronicles, as well as Audio Director on Wesley Snipe’s video game ‘Julius Styles’. Nicole is a Masters of Music graduate of New York University, courtesy of the Brian May Scholarship, and a piano performance Bachelor of Music graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (Winifred Elizabeth Nerious Award).

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Postlude, for clarinet/bass clarinet, 2 violins, viola, cello, actor and technology.

Postlude is an homage to Bernard Hermmann, and Alfred Hitchcock. The work naturally has a nostalgic, yet post-modern feeling to it. My goal in writing this work, was to create a feeling of anxiety, melancholy, and fear. I sought to intensify this feeling through the use of field recording, which I personally recorded in various parts of Sydney using my trusty Sony PCM 100. The dialogue seeks to heighten the interplay of the opposing temporalities between the amplified clarinet quintet, the audience, and the time in which the text was written. As Alfred Hitchcock said, “I have a feeling that inside you somewhere, there’s somebody nobody knows about”.

Featured in Sonic Environment Waves July 2016