David John Lang


David John Lang lives in Adelaide and writes music for orchestras, choirs, singers and instrumentalists; for concerts, recordings, theatre and film; for musicians, the world, God and the sheer joy of it. David loves creating art that is inventive, thoughtful and heartfelt. His music often reflects his love of storytelling, whimsical sense of humour and instinct for drama.

Like most composers, David has been commissioned by various people and has occasionally won awards. He’s been on three AYO National Music Camps and one Atlantic Music Festival. His teachers have included Graeme Koehne, David Harris, John Polglase and Charles Bodman Rae. David is also a conductor, trumpet player and writer of concert program notes. He loves reading, walking and eating good chocolate.

Composer website:  www.davidjohnlang.com


The Three Little Pigs, for 3 clarinets (2 in B-flat, 1 in A).

If you’re going to tell a fairy tale, be sure to use lots of exaggerated voices and dramatic pauses. Three clarinets take on the role of storyteller for this piece – they growl like a wolf, squeal like a pig, and huff-and-puff with increasing vigour to blow the house down. Who needs words?

Featured in the playlist: Small Ensemble Waves (1/03/2016)

Cocoon, for flute, clarinet, violin, cello, piano and vibraphone.

This musical cocoon is woven out of a single 18-note thread. As it winds around and around, tiny imperfections creep in; and, as these are multiplied out, the simple spiral tightens into a tangled, many-layered web. Saint Teresa of Avila used the metaphor of a silkworm’s cocoon to describe the state of a soul before God. Not proud and formal, not noisy and ecstatic, but resigned and broken… waiting…

Featured in Ambient Waves, October 2017

Summer Thunderstorm, for string orchestra.

Written in December 2011, revised January 2012 at National Music Camp.

Featured in Landscape Waves, February 2018

in lectulo meo per noctes, for SATB choir.

Text from Song of Songs 3:1-4

Commissioned and performed by the Adelaide Chamber Singers, directed by Carl Crossin, 2011 en in December 2011, revised January 2012 at National Music Camp.

Featured in Sacred Music Waves, December 2019