Making Waves would like to extend their sincere gratitude to each person who generously supported the Making Conversation: Australian Composers’ Project so that it reached its crowdfunding target.  With your support this project is now a reality!

Making Conversation Patron

We’re pleased to thank Cameron Lam for his generous support. Cameron pledged support for MC at the Project Patron level. Cameron writes:

“Making Conversation continues the inspired, engaging and inclusive vision of the Making Waves project – providing a window into the world of Australian art music. I have endless faith in Peggy and Lisa’s ability to curate, cultivate and promote the voices of Australia’s musical community and look forward to the results.”

about cameron lam


After growing up in Orange in country NSW, Cameron Lam is now based in Sydney, NSW working as a composer and hybrid art-production company Kammerklang. He is an avid dabbler and appreciator of the various arts, having completed his honours in Composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music and currently studying static and dance trapeze at B&B Studios under performance artist Lil Tulloch.

You can learn more about Cameron at his website

Cameron is also Artistic Director of Kammerklang. German for “Chamber sound”, Kammerklang specialises in the collaboration of music and other artforms, literally focusing on the fusion of sound and the “chamber” or space it’s performed in. Whether that space includes dancers, paintings, video projection, sculpture or circus performers depends on the project and nature of the works featured. The aim of Kammerklang is to present and promote new artistic creation that is inquisitive, detailed and accessible while still fostering exploration and communication between the arts. Featuring guest artists from all fields, a large chamber orchestra, and numerous young talented composers and artists, Kammerklang is “Sounds Made Real”.

Find out about Kammerklang’s recent projects at the their website


Thanks goes out again to all our generous donors many of whom we’re pleased to be able to offer rewards in the form of CDs and signed scores, CutCommon manuscript books and Making Waves tote bags. Further thanks to the composers who donated the CDs and signed scores that we were able to offer as rewards.

Alex Turley
Alice Humphries
Alicia Crossley
Alicia Cush
Alison Peake
Andrew Aronowicz
Angie DV
Anne Gill
Anonymous x 3
Anthony Lyons
Bec Moroney
Bec Smith
Beth Alcock
Braxton Neate
Brian Howard
Callum Moncrieff
Caroline Thompson
Charles Davidson
Chris Healey
Christine Paynter
Christopher Gordon
Clare Maclean Carroll
Constance Barberakis
Corrina Bonshek
Dale Brown
Damien Ricketson
Dan Thorpe
David John Lang
Diana Tolmie
Edwin Montgomery
Eli Simic-Prosic
Elliott Hughes
George Prassas
Georgina Luck
Holly Harrison
Ian Whitney
Inger Kelly
Jakob Bragg
Janet McKay
Janine Marshman
Jenna Cave
Jess Crowe
Jocelyn Wolfe
Kaylie Melville
Kieren Paynter
Lachlan O’Donnell
Laila Engle
Lamorna Nightingale
Leah Barclay
Liam Flenady
Lisa Cheney
Lisa Young
Liza Lim
Maria Grenfell
Marousa Polias
Matan Franco
Matthew Horsley
Megan Steller
Melanie Walters
Melody Eotvos
Michael Bakrnchev
Michael Huxley
Myles Oakey
Naomi Johnson
Nigel Poole
Peter McNamara
Philip Eames
Philip Saggers
Polly Polias
Roy Hanford
Sally Greenaway
Sally Whitwell
Sarah Kirby
Sascha Kelly
Steph Eslake
Susie Polias
Teresa Polias
Tamara Kohler
Vicki Hallett

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