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“I wanted to say congratulations on season 1 of Making Conversation. I thoroughly enjoyed it and have listened to almost every one. I loved the variety of composers (both stylistically and geographically), and also the variety of interviewers. It was great to hear from composers no longer residing in Australia and I think you covered a good range of emerging and more established names. I think the length of each podcast was a digestible length – even if I was at times a little hungry for more, while some others were spot on in length… I have absolutely loved setting aside an hour each month to delve into the world of another composer, to invite my ears to their sound and life.”

Jakob Bragg

Stephanie Eslake of CutCommon magazine interviews Sasha Kelly about her involvement in the Making Conversation podcast series

About her experience as an interviewer for Making Conversation Sasha says: “I loved it – everyone has an interesting story, and I love hearing everyone’s different opinions on the importance of new music.”

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Making Waves curators Peggy Polias and Lisa Cheney talk to the AMC about our monthly playlists and the Making Conversation podcast series.

About the podcast series Peggy and Lisa write: “After a solid first year of programming 12 hours of music in playlists, we found ourselves yearning to know more about the composers behind the music. While some of the featured composers were colleagues whom we had met, others we only knew from afar. As we delved into their bios, we began to discover the many permutations of a ‘portfolio career’. The more we learned, the more we wanted to find out. How did they work? How do they balance creativity and life? What are their fears? What are their passions? Why do they compose?”

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Australian Music Centre

Andrew Ford speaks to Sally Macarthur, Lisa Moore and Making Waves’ own Peggy Polias about the raw deal facing women composers. The panel not only highlight the issues but also proffer solutions. Learn more here, and listen again to the radio show, which first aired 6/08/2016.

The Music Show – Radio National


Making Waves is delighted to be acknowledged for our goal of maintaining gender parity among featured composers. Read more about the issue of gender in new music and some suggested ways to address this from  Sally Macarthur, Cat Hope, and Dawn Bennett in ‘The sound of silence: why aren’t Australia’s female composers being heard?

And of course, listen back through the Making Waves archives for an amazing array of music from Australian composers of all genders. As well as providing hours of listening enjoyment, we hope this collection of recordings can inspire and influence the programming of ensembles and major arts organisations!

The Conversation

Stephanie Eslake of CutCommon magazine discussed the motivation behind the Making Conversation Australian Composers Project. Read the article here.


Making Waves in 2015 and beyond

Australian Music Centre’s Resonate Magazine chats to the co-founders of Making Waves about the project’s origins and futures.

Australian Music Centre

Well, it’s like going to a free concert of new Australian music, every month! And it’s composers from ALL around Australia, and the music is so varied you’re bound to hear something that excites or fascinates you. And you get to find out about all these other composers in other cities who you’d perhaps not hear of otherwise.

David Lang

Great source for new music listening. When recommending to composers, I mention the necessity for new music composers to listen closely to our contemporaries and peers. When recommending to musical friends, I talk about listening to musical voices from different countries and perspectives.

Inti Figgis-Vizueta

Fantastic way to hear new music by Australia’s young and emerging talent… Good quality recordings too.


It’s a really well developed concept. You are reliable – every month you post and it’s there, waiting for me to listen! I know there will be a range of composers, at various points in their careers. Also, I love seeing what the theme will be – in later months, you’ve been quite off the beaten track – I love it!

Sascha Kelly

Making Waves is the perfect way to hear new Australian music. The playlists enable listeners to sample and explore new music, for free, in their own time. Brilliant!

Prof. Dawn Bennett

Making Waves is a great initiative! The benefits of greater exposure to a national community of like-minded musicians are immeasurable, and will no doubt lead to many collaborations and opportunities for emerging and early-career artists.

Elliott Hughes

Making Waves is a great opportunity to be inspired by your peers!

Antonia Zappia

Making Waves is an example of the entrepreneurial capacities of contemporary composers. It is an excellent platform to facilitate new audiences, collaborations and opportunities for a generation of composers that need them most. While most composers have access to social media platforms, the true power is in creating connections and continuity with an online audience, Making Waves has the capacity to do that.

Leah Barclay