Making Waves is a curated series of streamable playlists, released on the first day of each month.  Each playlist is usually an hour long and showcases several composers.  Following the month of release the playlist remains archived on our website.

Would you like to submit a work for inclusion?  Composer individuals can submit their work using the form below. If you are a performer or ensembles wanting to submit streamable recordings and playlists for the Making Waves concert hub, visit this page.

This is what we are looking for:

  • Our focus is on Australian composers. This means any composer who identifies as Australian and/or who has ties to Australia eg. has studied or practised composition in Australia at sometime. You don’t have to be currently residing in Australia.
    • Non-Australian composers: we haven’t got plans yet to feature international works, but if you’d like to show interest by submitting your audio, we can keep it on file for any special edition playlists.
  • There is no age limit.
  • We like to prioritise early-career composers, but we welcome submissions from composers at all career stages. The more variety in a playlist the better!
  • Duration: we’ve found that most featured works are around 7-15 minutes in length, however we accept works of all lengths.
  • In 2016, composers can submit as many tracks as they like.  We are happy to revisit composers previously featured, if their work is a good fit for an upcoming Making Waves playlist.  Also, submitting several works gives us room to choose something that might be a better fit with other composers in a given month.  We’ve revised the form below so that you won’t have to answer all the questions for each submission, just the details for each track.
  • Please only submit tracks that have been realised according to the intended forces, not MIDI or synthesised renderings of acoustic music.
  • Please don’t submit videos where the visual component is a static image only (eg album cover).  Consider submitting an audio-only recording for such a track instead.
  • Please remove applause from the end of your recording if you are able to, as this can affect the flow/continuity of a playlist and restrict the order of works.
  • There is no deadline, as this is an ongoing opportunity.  As long as the form is online here we are accepting submissions.
  • Submissions received in a given month will not necessarily be featured in the upcoming playlist. We add your link(s) to a pool of works and consider carefully how a group of works will work together. Theme and sound is at the forefront of our process, not competition. Please be aware that it might take several months for works to be featured.
  • We email composers who are featured in a playlist just prior to release.

If you’re interested in having your audio considered for a Making Waves playlist, please fill out the following form.

Don’t forget to follow Making Waves if you’d like to catch the playlist where you’re featured, as well as the sounds of your peers Australia-wide.  You can subscribe to receive each update in your email inbox, via WordPress, or your preferred social media network.

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