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It’s a really well developed concept. You are reliable – every month you post and it’s there, waiting for me to listen! I know there will be a range of composers, at various points in their careers. Also, I love seeing what the theme will be – in later months, you’ve been quite off the beaten track – I love it!

Sascha Kelly

Making Waves is the perfect way to hear new Australian music. The playlists enable listeners to sample and explore new music, for free, in their own time. Brilliant!

Prof. Dawn Bennett

Making Waves is a great initiative! The benefits of greater exposure to a national community of like-minded musicians are immeasurable, and will no doubt lead to many collaborations and opportunities for emerging and early-career artists.

Elliott Hughes

Making Waves is a great opportunity to be inspired by your peers!

Antonia Zappia

Making Waves is an example of the entrepreneurial capacities of contemporary composers. It is an excellent platform to facilitate new audiences, collaborations and opportunities for a generation of composers that need them most. While most composers have access to social media platforms, the true power is in creating connections and continuity with an online audience, Making Waves has the capacity to do that.

Leah Barclay

Making Waves focuses on those releasing music early in their careers, giving their writers and those who perform them, welcome nationwide exposure in the digital sphere.

Making Waves recommended as “Download Site of the Month” in April 2015 edition of Limelight Magazine.  See page 111 for the full writeup.

Limelight Magazine April 2015

Can new music make waves?
Lisa and Peggy blog about Making Waves: how the project is unfolding so far, and a little about the process of collaborating interstate. 28/2/2015

Limelight Magazine Blog

Making Waves co-director and curator Lisa Cheney interviewed by presenter Laila Engle, 22/2/2015, 10pm, on Australian Sounds, 3MBS 103.5 FM (Melbourne).

3MBS 103.5 FM