Rachel Bruerville


Rachel Bruerville (b. 1991) is a South Australian composer, arranger, cellist, singer, and writer. She writes music for the concert hall, the theatre, and other collaborative work, and is currently Composer in Residence with Young Adelaide Voices, supported by a 2019 Carclew Fellowship. Rachel hopes to always make music to entertain, to educate, and to be explored and enjoyed by audiences of any musical or non-musical background.

In her life as a performer, she is a core member of the internationally acclaimed Adelaide Chamber Singers, and is active as a freelance cellist around Adelaide, including for Patch Theatre Company as on-stage cellist in Emily Loves to Bounce (2016-17 tours). She looks forward to singing alto in the chorus of the upcoming 2020 Adelaide Festival production, Requiem, directed by Romeo Castellucci.

Career highlights include being commissioned by The Hush Foundation for the 2018 album ‘Collective Wisdom’, writing music to reduce stress in children’s hospital environments; a nomination for ‘Vocal/Choral Work of the Year’ in the APRA AMCOS / Australian Music Centre 2019 Art Music Awards for her piece ‘In Due Season’, commissioned by the Adelaide Chamber Singers; and singing solo with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra and Paul Rissmann, Festival of Learning 2017-18, as well as being contracted for the same in 2020! Her work has been performed by ensembles including The Australian Chamber Orchestra Collective, The St Peter’s Cathedral Choir (North Adelaide), The Endeavour Trio, Gondwana Voices, the National Youth Choir of Australia, Sydney Children’s Choir, and the Adelaide Wind Orchestra.

Rachel also has a cat named Larry, and when she’s not in a rehearsal, you might find her hanging out in the Hufflepuff common room.

Photo by Jasmine Buttery Photography.

Composer website:  www.rachelbruerville.com

Facebook page: www.facebook.com/rachelbruervillemusic

Featured Works

Powerful Wom*n Movement 3: A Proud Lady, for soprano and piano.

Text by Elinor Morton Wylie (USA, 1885-1928)

Featured in Vocal Waves II – August 2019

Lament for the Reef, for piano quintet.

This is a piece I wrote in 2014 about the beauty and potential destruction of the Great Barrier Reef. Since then, it has been performed as the basis of an extended improvisation for cello, guitar, and electronics, in the Creative Original Music Adelaide (COMA) 2019 season. While the music is not *specifically* sacred in nature, I have visited the reef and find it baffling that any Australian, or any human for that matter, cannot perceive the sacred nature of the area. #StopAdani

– Rachel Bruerville

Featured in Sacred Music Waves – December 2019


Rachel was interviewed for Making Conversation: Australian Composers’ Podcast, Episode 26, 2016.