Aidan Maizels


Aidan Maizels is a composer, electric bassist, guitarist and producer.

Having completed a Bachelor of Music (Composition) at the University of Melbourne in 2016, Aidan has since devoted most of his time to his own solo music project; combining elements of classical, electronic, ambient and psychedelic music to create a unique strand of experimental rock. His tracks have received airplay on many community FM radio stations, including Melbourne’s PBS and RRR, as well as Brisbane’s 4ZZZ.

Aidan also works in musical instrument retail and plays bass for several acts around Melbourne.

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Water Too Warm, for 2 acoustic guitars, 3 electric guitars, synthesizer, metronome and effects

Between a quarter and a third of the Great Barrier Reef has died due to coral bleaching by pollution and climate change. Despite the severity and publicity of this catastrophe, politicians refuse to address the issue, and my current part time job constantly forces me to witness the wasteful and apathetic attitude of the general public regularly. ‘Water Too Warm’ uses de-tuned acoustic guitars to create a swamp-like and uneasy atmosphere, whilst the processed electric guitars mimic screams of the coral as it succumbs to the bleaching. The synthesized voices chant a final prayer, whilst the metronome (in a different tempo) represents both the time ticking away, as well as the industrial agenda not stopping for anybody.

Featured in Social Activism Waves playlist, March 2017

Glenferrie, for 6 guitars + effects.

This work was written to cope with some compositional burnout I was experiencing at the time. Written, recorded and edited in a three-hour session, it features Fripp and Eno-esque guitar sounds and loops that empathise with the dreary souls stuck in the eastern Melbourne family suburb lifestyle.

Featured in Guitar Waves (December 2018).