Alphamale is the ambient drone project by experimental violist Hannah de Feyter. She creates protection music.

Composer website: ALPHAMALE Soundcloud


Something to Burn, for Viola, Electronics, Voices and Loop Station

‘Something to Burn’  was performed and composed by ALPHAMALE and Marlene Claudine Radice for COUP Canberra’s 2016 production of Caryl Churchill’s play, Vinegar Tom. Churchill’s lyrics exist to take the audience out of the story and make them think about what’s happening within the play from a wider perspective. The “something is going wrong and we need somebody to BLAME for it” attitude is one that is so, so present right now in the US/Australia and is a reoccurring theme throughout the play. We chose to update Churchill’s lyrics by building in some recent political speeches that inhabit the attitudes conveyed within her work and make them relevant to this specific moment in time. The reason that the playwright put the songs in was because she really wanted to drag this period piece into the present, we think we are really honouring that impulse with the samples.

Featured in Social Activism Waves playlist, March 2017