Andrew Perkins


Andrew Perkins was born in Warkworth, New Zealand. In 1985, he graduated from Auckland University with a Masters degree in Music. During 1992 he was appointed Auckland Philharmonia’s third Composer In Residence, writing Symphony Der Bote for mezzo soprano and orchestra, and Ways of Light and Life for baritone and chamber group. In 2013, Andrew completed his PhD (Music Composition) at Melbourne University where he is still employed as a sessional tutor and lecturer. Andrew has had a number of works recorded and performed internationally including Waltz-Fantasia for orchestra (Melbourne Symphony Orchestra, 2010 and New Zealand Symphony Orchestra 2012), and The Radish and the Shoe (New Zealand Symphony Orchestra 2014 and Preston Symphony Orchestra 2014). During 2012, the Bach Musica choir and orchestra, with solo soprano Gina Sanders conducted by Rita Paczian, performed and recorded his 45 minute dramatic work entitled Christchurch Vespers: Vespers for the Feast of Pentecost which received a standing ovation from the audience. Concerto Grosso was commissioned and performed by flautist Adrianna Lis with Rosemary Barnes (harpsichord) and the Auckland Chamber Audience to a capacity audience July 24, 2016.

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Concerto Grosso, for flute, harpsichord, and strings.

The first movement was inspired by the song of the New Zealand Kokako bird. Each of the three movements is based on a different scalar formation; although the resultant harmony and counterpoint is non-functional, the music makes reference to 18th century harmonic syntax through employment of cycles of thirds, fifths, and sequences.

Featured in Concerto Waves, June 2018