Angus Davison


Angus Davison is a composer based in Sydney. His compositions are regularly performed by leading ensembles including the Ady Ensemble, Huon String Quartet, and Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra. Features of his recent music include the superimposition of contrasting sounds cycling in shifting relationships, an approach to pitch in which all harmony results from the sustaining of melodic tones, and the use of strict musical processes as a lattice through which to weave intuitive music.

As a passionate advocate for new music, Angus regularly facilitates concerts, is a contributor to CutCommon magazine, and founded and directed new music ensemble Note-Aurius from 2013-15. In 2016 he received First Class Honours from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, where he studied with Michael Smetanin.

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Karst Music, for electronics.

The term karst describes landscapes that are formed by the dissolution of stone by water. In the resulting architectures, the flow of water and the solidity of rock shape the other. Many people will be familiar with the way rock formations in caves often appear fluid, as if frozen in the process of melting. Karst Music is similarly a landscape of ‘sound objects’ that are simultaneously solid and liquid.

Featured in Ambient Waves, October 2017