Antonia Zappia


Antonia Zappia is a contemporary composer and sound engineer based in Sydney, New South Wales. Her creative practice encompasses classical, contemporary classical, popular music and sound art. In developing her compositional voice, Antonia spent 3 years collaborating with contemporary dancers, choreographers, filmmakers and visual artists. In 2011, she was one of the classical finalists in the APRA Professional Development Awards and completed an Honours in Music Technology at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. Her dissertation, entitled Interdisciplinary Collaboration: Effective Traits of a Creative Partnership, was informed by research of 20th century and current creative partnerships.

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Featured Works

Paper Fold Music is a Sound Art composition.

“Paperfold music stemmed from a creative collaboration with choreographer Catherine Ryan. I was asked to make a piece exploring shape in sound – jagged edges, smooth lines, crunching dissonances. I made a Japanese brocade from manuscript paper of classical through to 20th century works and the shapes begin to form.” – Composer

Featured in Playlist 3: Boundary-Crossing Waves (31/03/2015)