Antonia Zappia


Antonia Zappia is an actor, musician and writer. Last November, she took to the Bondi Pavilion stage as the wickedly clever Abigail Williams for Bard on the Beach’s production of The Crucible. She has also played the charismatic Sam in Diamond Tat’s short film Bloom and the quick-witted Nancy Black in Edgewise Production’s 2016 sold out Sydney Fringe Festival show The Women. Her performance as Charlotte in The Yellow Wallpaper was described as being “played with stamina and compelling fragility” by Grapeshot Magazine.

Antonia completed her Honours dissertation on interdisciplinary collaboration at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music. After a few busy years recording orchestras and ensembles across Brisbane, she returned to performing as a saxophonist in One Two Three Chamber Music. In 2015, she moved to Sydney and completed the Actors Studio at NIDA. Her tutors included Garth Holcombe, Rebecca Johnston, Dr Benjamin Schostakowski and Anna Houston.

As a sound engineer, Antonia has had her recordings of the Australian Youth Orchestra broadcast live on ABC Classic FM. Her writing has been published in CutCommon Magazine and, in 2017, she produced podcasts for Making Waves as part of the ABC’s New Waves podcast series.

Antonia enjoys studying ballet and classical voice to complement her acting.

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Featured Works

Featured Works

Paper Fold Music is a Sound Art composition.

“Paperfold music stemmed from a creative collaboration with choreographer Catherine Ryan. I was asked to make a piece exploring shape in sound – jagged edges, smooth lines, crunching dissonances. I made a Japanese brocade from manuscript paper of classical through to 20th century works and the shapes begin to form.” – Composer

Featured in Playlist 3: Boundary-Crossing Waves (31/03/2015)

Fold, for string quartet.

One in a four movement string quartet, Fold explores melancholy in all its consuming and subtle forms. At different moments the music seems to float into a safer, gentler space, only to collapse again.

Featured in Human Waves (October 2018)