Aviva Endean


Aviva Endean is a performance-maker, clarinettist and composer interested in expanding the audience experience of sound by creating intimate, unusual and spatially engaged contexts for listening. She challenges standard forms and contexts for performance in order to create new and unexpected ways of engaging with her work. Her performance practice spans a wide variety of musical styles and performance contexts including experimental and improvised music, theatre, creating immersive sonic environments, chamber music, folk music and inter-arts collaborations.

Composer website: https://www.avivaendean.com/

Featured Works

Hapnophobia, for audience.

Hapnophobia, made for 5x5x5 is a participatory work designed to be played in Mezz Bar. This public space of the arts centre interested me as it is a place where people often come to sit alone, and the piece aims to create a very private and intimate experience within a very public space. The piece is titled Hapnophobia, which is a rare phobia that involves the fear of touching or being touched

Featured in Place Waves, May 2018