Benjamin Heim


Benjamin Heim (b. 1994) is a composer of contemporary classical and electronic music with an emphasis on the creation of immersive audio-visual works and concert experiences. His music focuses on pushing the boundaries of art music through the melding of traditional instrumentation and paradigms with cutting edge elements such as innovative electronic performance practices and visuals. This particular approach to composition produces immersive atmospheres and textures that instantly appeal to audiences, while retaining many layers of detail and complexity. Ben is also accomplished in the areas of video art and photography, which he creates in conjunction with his music, pairing photography with his typeset scores and video art with his self-engineered recordings.

Ben has just completed a Bachelor of Music with First Class Honours at the University of Queensland and will continue his compositional studies in 2016 with a Masters degree at the Royal College of Music, London, for which he has received a partial scholarship.

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Featured Works

Babylon, for solo violin.

Babylon is an exploration of form and timbre that develops out of a fluid and gestural introduction into flowing rhythmic movement. While this work is categorised as a violin solo, the recording makes use of sound design and manipulation to enhance the violin sound, heighten detail, and generate organic textures.

Featured in Experimental Waves – May 2016 (1/05/2016)