Carlin Hara-Crockford


My name is Carlin Hara-Crockford. I am currently a second year classical saxophone student at the Queensland Conservatorium. I began playing alto saxophone when I was 11 years old. I wrote my first piece of music when I was 14 and I was really excited when I saw my ideas come together on the page so eventually, in my first year of university (2015), I decided to take composition more seriously. Thanks to Diana Tolmie and the Queensland Conservatorium Saxophone Orchestra, I was given the opportunity to write for an established and talented group of musicians.

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Nomads, for saxophone orchestra.

I’m really interested in human evolution, biology and history. I was also very interested in a video game called ‘Before’ which has a prehistoric setting and follows prehistoric human tribes. These subjects became the inspiration behind Nomads.

Featured in Jazz-World Waves – November 2017