Cassie To


Cassie To’s music is about producing emotional connections. Her sound is refined but textured, with each composition carefully crafted to appeal to the rawest elements of humanity – emotion, memory and feeling. Her education at Sydney’s Conservatorium of Music (Bachelor of Music, Honours in Composition) combined with her musical influences has given her the passion and expertise to compose across different styles and genres. She currently produces music for television and advertising and has composed for ensembles such as Sydney Youth Orchestras String Ensembles, Ensemble Offspring and most recently the Melbourne symphony Orchestra as part of their Cybec 21st Century Composer program.

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Featured Works

Auras, for String Quartet.

Auras is a piece for string quartet that consists of two movements. The concept of an individuals aura can be found in many different religions and are associated with the notion of a spiritual field of luminous radiation that surrounds an individual, reflecting their personality traits, thoughts and feelings. The first movement of Auras represents the aura of the individual while The second represents the interaction and changes of a persons aura as they interact with others and the world around them.

Performed by Olga Solar, Judy Kim, Carl Lee, Jenean Lee

Featured in Space Waves – June 2017, curated by Marlene Radice.

Ostara’s Eqinox, for Wind Orchestra.

Ostara represented rebirth in nature, equality and fertility that came with the coming of spring, heralded by the equinox. During the equinox, the hours of light becomes equal to night, symbolising a perfect equilibrium in dark and light, masculinity and femininity and inner and outer balance.

Ostara’s Equinox explores the celebration of Ostara and the Spring equinox through the colourful medium of the wind symphony.

Featured in Mythical Waves – April 2018.