Caterina Turnbull


Caterina Turnbull is currently completing her Honours in Composition at Monash University, studying under the tutelage of David Chisholm and Vincent Giles. She received the Peter Tahourdin Memorial Prize in 2015, and instigated a student run concert for emerging composers and performers, which evolved into the Future Creatives Festival in 2016. She has written works for the Argonaut quartet, guitarist Mauricio Carrasco, and the Pizzi Project, an initiative run by the MSO. Her compositional style ranges from medieval inspired works to electronic sound installations.

Caterina Turnbull currently works at Monash University, teaching the Bachelor of Music’s ear training program. She has been active in event planning in and around the University, and highly involved with the University’s Music Students’ Society since 2015.

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Featured Works

Synesthesia for water installation.

This installation uses Max to map the movement of ripples in still water, and assigns matrix positions to sine pitches. A sound installation that translates the movement of water into sound – a combination of senses.

Featured in BIFEM Waves – August 2017.