Christine Pan


Christine Pan is an upcoming composer experienced in a wide variety of compositional styles, from video-game music to large-ensemble repertoires. With the support of the Elizabethan Ladies Trust Scholarship and the Horace Keats Memorial Prize for Composition, Christine is currently completing her BMus (Composition) at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. Beyond university, she has worked as a sound designer for NO MOSS Gaming Studios and has just received her first commission as an orchestral composer. Some of her recent compositions include the sonification of ‘quantum entanglement’ at the annual USYD gala dinner 2019 and writing for dance show producer Annalouise Paul due to be showcased in various festivals in 2020. Christine is often a guest speaker at schools to encourage children to pursue a career in the creative arts. With a deep passion for performance, she loves coordinating and rehearsing with her own piano quintet, Somnus Quintet.

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Featured Works

Kamikaze – Wind of the Divine, for concert orchestra.

Somewhere along the way, we had lost the true meaning of “Kamikaze”. Victory, loss, war, peace; let this piece remind you the spirit of what it means to be human.

Featured in Drama Waves (June 2019)