Eli Simic-Prosic


Eli is a composer and pianist currently majoring in music composition at the University of Melbourne. He has written music for a number of short films and has performed his compositions and improvisations at many private functions as well as numerous venues across Melbourne including Melba Hall, Dizzy’s Jazz Club and the Australian Centre for Contemporary Art. Eli’s most recent work involves investigating possible new pathways for interacting with music history via the medium of improvisation as well as compositions which explore music’s capacity to create unique sonic spaces and geographies through the use of repetition and elements of stasis. In addition to composing and performing, Eli is also actively involved in music research, particularly focusing on music from the second half of the 20th century.

Composer website:  https://soundcloud.com/eli-simic-prosic

Featured Works

Sound Sculpture No. 1, for piano.

This piece was written as an attempt to reconcile the idea of sound as both a physical, material phenomenon and as something which can be moulded willfully by composers, performers and listeners into the communal event infused with meaning we know as music. In this sense I have conceived the piece as a sculpture (r)evolving through time as it moves between phases of suspension and agitation, mixing indeterminate elements with fixed points of reference as if we were viewing the morphing musical object from different angles within the unifying resonant space of the musical performance.

Featured in Playlist 2 – Other-worldly Waves (28/02/2015)

Stratus Rising, for piano.

The inspiration for Stratus Rising came to me in early 2010 when my family and I stayed at a friend’s house in the Victorian alpine town of Warburton. The house sits on the slope of a big crescent hill, and one early morning I walked out onto the porch and witnessed something truly sublime: the green hill was covered in wispy strands of white clouds slowly climbing their way up the slope to return back to the sky. Moments after seeing this magical sight I sat at my friend’s piano and began writing this composition, though it was not until April 2011 that I finished the work. What I have tried to create here is a piece of music which embodies the dynamic nature of this vision and that region, one which is at times sublimely peaceful against the backdrop of its still, low-lying clouds, and at others equally tumultuous when these very same clouds turn into powerful storms.

Featured in Solo Waves – April 2016 (1/04/2016).

I/O, for Diskclavier and effects.

I/O explores multiple approaches to the sounds possible on the piano via electronic manipulation. Nothing is external; every element of the work originates in the analogue sounds made on the disklavier, a sort of modern, digitally-enabled version of the player piano.

Featured in Keyboard Waves November 2016