Emma Harlock


Emma Harlock is a Western Sydney-based composer and performer. She is currently studying a Master of Research at Western Sydney University under Associate Professor Dr. Bruce Crossman and Dr. Clare Maclean, exploring the cross-cultural connections between American Minimalism and French Spectral music. Her works, both scored and performative, focus on the exploration of evolving timbre and textures.

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Featured Works

Green from series titled ‘Concept:Future’, for electric bass guitar and electronics

‘Concept:FUTURE’ is an electro-acoustic/ambient/improvised series that explores the impending climate crisis. The series itself consists of a sonic bedding recorded into Ableton Live, and an improvised processed electric bass guitar track which sits above. Hundreds of hours of speeches from various sources have been used in the bedding, cut up and processed to sit within the mix. This series was created as part of my portfolio for the Master of Research at Western Sydney University.

– Emma Harlock

Featured in Evolving Waves– November 2019