Ethan Connor McAlister


Ethan Connor McAlister is a musician based in Canberra. As a post-experimental composer and acoustic-electric guitarist, Ethan views his work as curated autobiographical documentation. Through the movement of tension and release in a carefully-controlled experimental setting, he explores the interaction between the external and internal aspects of experience. He has studied performance and composition at the Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, before completing his honours in Canberra under the direction of Kim Cunio. Ethan is currently a contemporary guitar/bass and theory instructor in locations across Canberra.

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Sunday Afternoon, Piano solo.

Born spontaneously on a lazy Sunday afternoon, this piece for piano solo marks the first of what will develop into a collection of vignettes for various ensembles. The aim for this piece and for the works that will follow it, is quite simply to build an impression of a moment. In this case, quite a lovely moment.

Featured in Keyboard Waves November 2016

Waves, for Electric Guitar Quartet.

Performed by Mauricio Carrasco, Sophie Marcheff, Jake Donohue, and Ethan Connor McAlister, “Waves” is an electric guitar quartet written for The Experimental Grainger concert as part of Musical Maverick: Five Concerts in Tribute to Grainger series, held in 2016.

Waves is inspired by Grainger’s own observations of waves in Albert Park Lake in Melbourne and his early use of experimental structures in music.

Featured in Fragile Waves, June 2018