Ethan Connor McAlister


Melbourne based composer, Ethan Connor McAlister, is a post-minimal impressionist who uses his art to share impressions of meaningful moments of his life. Alongside Jessica Lindsay Smith, Ethan Connor McAlister is also a founding member of Chroma Collective. Which launched in September 2016 with a concert of new piano trio works at The Channel, Arts Centre Melbourne. The event was supported by Arts Centre Melbourne and a grant from IgniteLab, University of Melbourne.

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Sunday Afternoon, Piano solo.

Born spontaneously on a lazy Sunday afternoon, this piece for piano solo marks the first of what will develop into a collection of vignettes for various ensembles. The aim for this piece and for the works that will follow it, is quite simply to build an impression of a moment. In this case, quite a lovely moment.

Featured in Keyboard Waves November 2016