H. S. Botha


I was born and raised in South Africa and moved to Australia in 2002, my music background started very early on in my life and included writing my own music, learning the piano and classical guitar. I went on to train as a nurse in South Africa during the late 90’s. But, I have returned to my first love – music. I completed my Bachelor of Music in Performance at The Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Sydney and my Honours studies at Western Sydney University. I am currently researching sound as a PhD candidate at Western Sydney University and continuously busy with my creative writing and compositional endeavours.

Composer website: www.hanlibotha.com


Find You, for voice and electronic sound.

The piece was inspired as I had a short piece of poetry find me at an unsuspecting moment early one morning. I literally had to run for paper and a pen to get the words down before I lost it to another writer or composer. I felt that the words needed electronic accompaniment and this is the result of carefully choosing fitting musical sounds.

Featured in Spoken Waves September 2016