Jamie Lawson


Jamie Lawson is a soundscape composer from Sydney’s Western Suburbs. Beginning the Bachelor of Music program at The University of Western Sydney in 2010, Jamie was soon introduced to electroacoustic music and from there has developed a keen interest in field recording and soundscape composition.

In 2014 Jamie undertook and completed the Honours program at UWS. Submitting an extensive exegesis entitled ‘Hearing the Extra-Terrestrial Soundscape: Creative Explorations of the ‘alien’ through post-human mediation’, alongside a collection of electroacoustic composition Jamie’s explored fictional representations of ‘alien’ soundscapes and the listening, recording and compositional process which ensued.

Jamie is now continuing his electronic music studies and composition at Macquarie University in the Master of Creative Media program.

Composer website: https://soundcloud.com/jlawson-4

Featured Works

Guiding Mechanisms (Selective Analysis i-v), field recording, spoken voice and digital processing.
i. Wind, ii. Stalk  Forest iii. Larvae

Human explorations of an imagined extra-terrestrial sound environment promote creative explorations of the unknown. The representation of ‘alien’ sound phenomena subject to a boundless potential for difference becomes limited by humanity’s capacity to experience and represent sound material. How can one represent the aural landscape of an environment that is potentially beyond the understanding of the audience, whilst using sound material which is embedded with associations to the known human world?

Featured in Playlist 5: Nature Waves (31/5/2015)