Jared McCunnie


Jared McCunnie is an upcoming composer and musician from Melbourne, where he is studying Music Composition as part of a double degree at Monash University. At 18 years of age, Jared specialises in energetic and fun works for larger ensembles like brass band, concert band and big band, where his use of driving tempi, exuberant dynamics and broad instrumentation create humungous aural works. Jared also writes for short film and smaller chamber ensembles. His works have been performed by professional, community and school ensembles, and his energetic melodies and grooves have been a huge hit for performers and listeners alike. As part of his tertiary studies, Jared’s compositions have only increased in sophistication and brilliance!

Composer website: http://jaredmccunnie.weebly.com


The Pursuit, for big band.

The Pursuit is a fast and exciting number, with its rapid, relentless rhythmic push and unyielding bass ostinato. The work, approximately 4 minutes in length, is an energetic work that is not too long, nor too demanding. It features an improvised solo for Tenor Saxophone, as well as multiple notated soli and solo features.

Featured in Jazz-World Waves – November 2017