Jason Sweeney


For nearly 20 years Jason has composed for some of Australia’s leading performing arts companies and organisations as well as creating a number of his own sound art works for the internet and participatory community engagement projects for galleries and theatre spaces. As a composer of electronic music, he has also been releasing music internationally with Panoptique Electrical via the record label, Sensory Projects (Australia) and Sound in Silence (Greece/UK). He currently performs and records with the music duo, Winter Witches, and releases music via the Ten West Group (UK). Music from many of Jason’s releases have been used since in short and feature films, as well numerous theatre and dance productions around the world. Over the last few years Jason has made a trilogy of works focused on quietness, including major projects Stereopublic: Crowdsourcing the Quiet which won a TED City 2.0 Prize and the ongoing research odyssey, Quiet Ecology. He is currently working on the album ‘Masc’ with Winter Witches to be released in 2018.

Composer websites:  https://panoptiqueelectrical.bandcamp.com

Featured Works

Listen, Slow, for piano.

‘Listen, Slow’ was written as part of an undertaking I began in 2016 called Quiet Ecology. I wanted to find ways to articulate the needs for immersive and quiet listening experiences. I believe that in the midst of all the noise we are losing our ability to hear, to listen and we’re walking off-balance. We’re shutting out the world by plugging in noise-cancelling headphones and stressing our cochlear hair cells. The world is so loud. Surely this is the time to stop, slow down and enjoy the silence?

Featured in the playlist:  Dream Waves (1/12/2017)