Kammerklang (German for “Chamber sound”) is an Australian arts company specialising in the collaboration of music and other artforms, literally focusing on the fusion of sound and the “chamber” or space it’s performed in. Whether that space includes dancers, paintings, video projection, sculpture or circus performers depends on the project and nature of the works featured. The aim of Kammerklang is to present and promote new artistic creation that is inquisitive, detailed and accessible while still fostering exploration and communication between the arts. Featuring guest artists from all fields, a large chamber orchestra, and numerous young talented composers and artists, Kammerklang is “Sounds Made Real”.

Website:  kammerklang.wordpress.com

Featured Works

Beta, album release.

Our second album featuring highlights from Kammerklang’s projects in 2010 and 2014.  All tracks written by emerging Australian composers for performance or premiere by Kammerklang.

Featured in Playlist 9: Marketplace Waves (30/09/2015)