Kate Carr


Kate Carr has been investigating the intersections between sound, place, and emotionality both as an artist and a curator since 2010. Her work has taken her from the Arctic circle to the borderlands of South Africa, with stops in rural Thailand, fishing villages in Iceland, and rainforests in Mexico, along with extensive explorations of western Europe, Ireland and the British Isles.

She has been released by labels in the USA, Hungary, France, Australia and the United Kingdom, and included in gallery based installation shows in Sydney, New York, London and Washington State and her pieces have received radio play nationally in Australia via the ABC, the BBC in the UK as well as radio play throughout europe and North America. Recently she was included in sound retrospectives via London’s GV Arts Gallery and Artisphere in Arlington, Virginia. She runs the Flaming Pines label.

Composer website:  www.gleamingsilverribbon.com


On Our Last Night We Searched For Crocodiles And Shooting Stars, produced from field recordings.

This piece was produced from field recordings taken during an expedition to search for fresh water crocodiles which formed part of the Biosphere Soundscapes residency program in Sian Ka’an, Mexico.

Featured in Sonic Environment Waves July 2016