Kate Neal


Australian composer Kate Neal creates musical works that also incorporate physical gesture, design, light and choreography. The result is a musical language that extends the existing techniques of the performing musician, and creates a synthesis of experience for audiences where music is to be seen and heard: the performative aspect of the work is as important as the aural. In many cases, these works provide a variety of unprecedented collisions of unlikely visual and musical cues.

Composer website:  www.kateneal.com

Featured Works

What Hath II, for percussion quartet.

What Hath II is a fully notated percussion quartet which explores and abstracts encoded methods of communication. The ensemble uses sound, light, and movement to explicate patterns derived from binary code, morse code, and light coding.
‘What Hath God Wrought’ – the first message sent by Samuel Morse in 1844.
What Hath II is part of an evening length theatre-dance-music-light show called Semaphore, May 27-31, 2015 Arts House Melbourne. – Composer

Featured in Playlist 4: Visual Waves (30/4/2015)