Kevan Atkins


Kevan Atkins has been passionate about music, technology and all things audio since he first began working as an audio engineer at 14 years of age. He has been involved in the Melbourne music scene as an audio engineer, sound recordist and composer working primarily in theatre before pursuing his current focus in concert music and sound art with concert and installation works presented by the likes of Ensemble Vortex and in Love City Festival. Kevan’s creative practice is a dynamic exploration of the intersection between theatre, physical movement, sound and technology. He is the production coordinator of the Tilde new music festival where his practice extends to facilitating the performance of other composers works (link:

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Earthquakes Behind Closed Doors, Piano and Live Electronics.

This work is among my earlier explorations with piano and electronics in a solo context with the performer in both roles. I believe that electronics, as a performance instrument, can be virtuosic, precise and expressive as much as any other instrument, rather than just being simple a go-button type interface. In this work, I have tried to limit the material for the live instrument and focus on the real-time expressive possibilities of the electronic processing. I’m looking to further extend these explorations in future into a series of fully-notated works for solo performers.

Featured in Keyboard Waves November 2016