Liam Flenady


Liam Flenady is an Australian composer and guitarist based in Brisbane and a founding member of Kupka’s Piano. After undertaking a Bachelor of Music in both jazz guitar and composition (under Gerard Brophy), Liam participated in a number of international new music academies (Darmstadt, Impuls, Dian Red Kechil) where he received lessons from
leading international composers (Brian Ferneyhough, Chaya Czernowin, Clemens Gadenstätter). In 2014-15 Liam was based in Brussels, where he studied with Richard Barrett.
Liam recently completed a PhD through Griffith University on rethinking counterpoint in the 21st century. In this research, rather than a method of dissonance treatment or voice-leading, counterpoint is conceived of as a matter of stratification and heterogeneous characterisation of parts, where the degree of self-identity of parts and their intra- and inter-relation represent the primary structural concerns.

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Featured Works

braneworlds, for Kupka’s Piano.

A brane, physicist Lisa Randall explains, is a lower-dimensional ‘slice’ of a higher-dimensional reality. For instance, if we exist in a three-dimensional reality, this could well be a ‘brane’ of a reality that contains, say, eleven dimensions. We are trapped on a brane insofar as we can only move along three of these eleven. braneworlds splits the septet into four groups, each located on a different ‘brane’, able to interact with other groups in some dimensions, but isolated in others.

Featured in BIFEM Waves – August, 2017