Liam Mulligan


Liam Mulligan (20) is an upcoming Australian composer and vocalist currently studying a Bachelor of Music (Composition) at the Conservatorium of Music, Sydney. He is heavily inspired by conceptual, gestural, multi-sensory, noise and improvised music and uses technology and aleatory as tools when composing. Liam also heavily considers the physicality of listening and playing music in his works to create an engaging environment for both the observer and the performer.

In 2017, Liam co-created Konzertprojekt, a new composer-performer collective based in Sydney focused on creating and presenting new works and had three new premieres throughout the year. In addition, he is working on multiple works and projects for Konzertprojekt this year. He had his piece, ‘Seurat’s Canvas’, premiered in ‘Acoustic Squared’ curated by Ivan Zavada as part of ‘Unashamedly Original’ as one of a series of surround sound ambient works. Liam has also independently released a solo technology improvisation album called ‘couldn’t sleep.’ which was uploaded online in November.

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Featured Works

Hans Zimmer Found a Loop Pedal, for Electronics.

This piece is an improvisation I made using a loop pedal. All the sounds were created using my voice, a bell and a vocoder software I created in Max Msp.

Featured in Fragile Waves, June 2018