Luke Hutton


Luke Hutton’s music ranges from musical theatre to avant-garde concert works. He is particularly interested in mixing styles, combining known and popular genres and ideas with more bizarre ones. He also takes a great interest in exploring the relationship between composer, performer and audience. Luke has recently started his Masters of Composition at Melbourne University. So far in 2016 he has composed and musical directed Tying the Knot: a new musical, written and performed in the musical comedy Lifeboat at the Melbourne and Adelaide fringe festivals and is currently collaborating on new works with pianist Chris Nankervis, saxophone duo Halfsound and the Australian Chamber Choir.

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Unspoken, for choir.

The text for Unspoken is drawn from two undelivered speeches, one written for Richard Nixon in the event that the Moon landing failed, and one written as a part of a British experiment during the 80s hypothesising what might happen if World War III broke out, including a speech the Queen might deliver. Unspoken explores these two speeches, the celebration and fear of technology’s advances, and what might have been.

Featured in Spoken Waves September 2016

Fregoli delusion, for piano and flute.

Fregoli delusion is a mental disorder in which a person believes that the people around them are in fact all the same person in a variety of different disguises. Fregoli Delusion features the same musical material in a variety of different forms and is overall, quite unsettling and skittish.

Featured in Social Activism Waves March 2017