Luke Jaaniste


Luke Jaaniste is a composer, sonic artist and community facilitator, currently based in Brisbane.

In 2015, he is an artist in residence at Judith Wright Centre in Brisbane, through which he is creating and curating the MESMERISM FESTIVAL along with invited artists. The focus is on immersive, full-body listening within vibrational sound fields, through various approaches to expanded, spatial music performance and installation. Through this project ( he is presenting new works from a range of his ongoing projects including TRANCE PIANO, PORTAL, FLOOR CHOIR, SUB TERROR and HHAARRPP.

He is also co-director of SUPER CRITICAL MASS which works with groups of participants performing similar actions of identical sound-making instruments, or voice, dispersed across public spaces. This project has appeared in a range of major cultural venues and events across Australia, The UK and New York, including Sydney Opera House, Museum of Contemporary Art, CarriageWorks, Federation Square, Birmingham Library, Manchester Cathedral and around the lake at Central Park in New York City (see

Luke studied composition and musicology at the Queensland Conservatorium and then completed a PhD in ambient experience at QUT. He was a research fellow at QUT and currently teaches into the interactive media course at Qld College of Art.

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Haze Daze, for 8 Yamaha Portasound PS400 electronic keyboards.

“HAZE/DAZE is the third track of Luke’s debut album “PORTAL: BRING ON THE SUPERNOVA” which features hynoptic, slowly evolving harmonic textures based upon the pre-set auto-chords and arpeggios of identical vintage electronic keyboards, namely the Yamaha Portasounds from early 1980s. Because the keyboards are ever so slightly out of tune and out of time, they create an ever changing field of micro-phasing. Using 1980s technology (portasounds), collected via 2000s second hand economy (ebay), the works produce a humble and intricate refreshing of 1960s minimalism (the phasing of Reich, the ecstatic fervour of Riley, the timbral and harmonic richness of Glass, and the drones of Young).”

Featured in Playlist 6: Meditative Waves 30/06/15