Luke Serrano


Luke majored in Composition at the University of Melbourne. A study of Baroque counterpoint and Classical formal structures was supplemented by studies in jazz harmony and explorations in a diversity of music from all over the globe, all of which has found a way into Luke’s uniquely engaging and well-crafted musical style. Luke’s music has been broadcast on 3MBS and ABC Classic Drive.

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Featured Works

Aspettando L’Alba, for chamber ensemble, from the Aeolus Suite/album.

In strophic song form, with an AABA structure. The first verse features a unison melody on piano/guitar, the second verse introduces the solo viola. A short, quite transitional passage leads to the third (slightly extended) verse, which uses some canonic imitation between the viola and guitar. A pause leads to a concluding coda. This piece features a smaller ensemble and possesses a tango-like rhythmic groove.

Featured in Playlist 8 – String Waves, 31/08/2015