Mark Oliveiro


Mark Oliveiro (b. 1983), a Sydney native and Doctoral graduate from the University of North Texas, is a composer with diverse extra-musical interests. Whilst notions of narrative, programme and theatre, have always been a stoic component of his music, Oliveiro offers an exploration of the quintessence of ceremony inherent in all human expression.
An obsession with history, mythology and ancient literature, renders Oliveiro’s work riddled with themes from archaeological study and obscure urban legends. His music has been described as: ‘epic’, ‘unashamedly ritualistic’ and ‘atmospheric’ with ‘Dreamtime overtones’. At present, Oliveiro has an interest in exploring, by way of conceptual abstract and musical aesthetic, the notion of reconstructing lost or imagined performance traditions. Dance and movement, theatrics and technology, language and social media, are just some of the non-musical solutions most apt for the ever expanding, contemporary composer tool belt.
Mark’s music has been commissioned by the International Horn Society and the Meir Rimon Commissioning fund, the Settimane Musicali di Stresa e del Lago Maggiore, Chronology Arts, Pictures on Silence, Decibel New Music, the APRA’s Art Music Fun, as well as numerous professional individuals.
Oliveiro is an active Disc and Visual Jockey and music educator.

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Mark was interviewed for Making Waves: Australian Composers’ Podcast, Episode 28, September 2016.