Michael Bakrnčev


Michael Bakrnčev is a multi award winning Australian composer, with international standing.

Michael’s family migrated to Australia in the 1960’s and brought with them a rich tapestry of Macedonian folklore, religion, traditional cuisine, dance and of course – music. Michael graduated with first class Honours in Composition, as a former student of Gerard Brophy. It was during that time that Michael’s passion and understanding of Macedonian folk music began to intertwine with modern 20th Century Classical music practice. Since then, Michael’s musical language has increasingly adopted this inherited musical landscape, so much so that it has become part of his musical DNA

Residing in Melbourne, Michael is a current Masters student, tutor in Orchestration at Melbourne University and holds a highly coveted Australian Postgraduate Award (APA), studying with acclaimed composers, Elliott Gyger and Brenton Broadstock.

In addition to being active as a composer, Michael is also artistic director and founder of the Melbourne Metropolitan Sinfonietta – which gives several concerts a year dedicated to the promotion of Australian composer’s music.

Composer website: http://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/artist/bakrncev-michael

Featured Works

Se Navali Shar Planina, for voice and orchestra.

Se Navali Shar Planina is a traditional Macedonian folk song which I arranged for orchestra. It is usually sung by a male, but in this instance, I decided to arrange it for female vocalist and orchestra. It tells the story of a mountain trapping three shepherds who pray to let them go, as one says he has a wife who mourns for 6 weeks, a sister who mourns for a year and a mother who will mourn to her grave.

Featured in Playlist 3: Boundary-Crossing Waves (31/03/2015)

Rush, for Saxophone Quartet

Recorded by Barega Saxophone Quartet for their album three serpents. Rush is an example of Bakrnčev’s highly idiomatic style, which combines uniquely Australian influences with stylistic elements of traditional music of the composer’s Macedonian heritage.

Featured in Playlist 11: Saxophone Waves, 30/11/15