Noemi Liba Friedman


Noemi Liba Friedman does not so much wear­ many artistic hats, but rather, just a multi-faceted one. A painter, a jazz and contemporary trained vocalist, a studio producer, a creator of electronic music, beats and sound design, and a classically trained new music composer and arranger, she has had multiple iterations during her music career and travelled across many creative cultures and mediums, genres and musics of the world. Her approach to composition, whether vocal or instrumental, is descriptive, linguistic and textural, creating a language and palette to depict a situation, idea or narrative. Her influences range wildly from Buffy Sainte-Marie, to Bjork, from The Pixies to Kendrick Lamar, from Ofra Haza to Anita O’Day, to Ligeti, to Xennakis, Saariaho, Radalescu, and early Reich.

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Featured Works

Cardiac, for saxophone quartet.

This work addresses the role of the heart, not as a source of romantic musings, but as an organic pump the announces the beginning or life and its ending. It functions to distribute oxygen through the body by way of the blood. Through the re-purposing of anonymous ECG tracings, each of the four instruments interprets a sound source of a single electrode, simultaneously reading a single beating heart in action from varying sound perspectives.

– Noemi Liba Friedman

Featured in Evolving Waves– November 2019