Paul Ballam-Cross


Born in 1989, Paul Ballam-Cross is a composer and classical guitarist, and is currently studying a Master of Philosophy, majoring in Musicology. Paul is the co-founder and artistic director of One Two Three Chamber Music, which presents concerts across South-East Queensland. His own compositions are published and recorded by Wirripang.

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Anagrammata, for four alto flutes, two bass flutes, two contrabass flutes, and percussion.

Inspired by the electronic music of artists such as Boards of Canada and DJ Shadow, Anagrammata is a rhythmic work for low flute ensemble and percussion.

Featured in Playlist 6: Meditative Waves 30/06/15

Two Portraits of One Subject, for Guitar.

Written for Belgian guitarist Trui Van Neck, the piece is inspired by the music of Robert Schumann. Encoded through the music are musical references to his name, built on the notes Eb, Bb, and C, as well as references to Schumann’s Fantasy Op. 131 for violin and orchestra, and the String Quartet Op. 41 No. 1. The first movement is intended as a representation of Schumann’s dreamy and melancholy character (who he referred to as Eusebius), and the second, displaying virtuosic tremolo technique throughout, represents Schumann’s more fiery side (Florestan).

Featured in Solo Waves – April 2016 (1/04/2016).


Paul Ballam-Cross was interviewed for the Making Conversation: Australian Composers’ Podcast, Episode 27, 08/08/16.