Rachel Merton


Rachel Merton began studying composition from 12 years of age at the Young Conservatorium of Music. She studied with Stephen Leek for 5 years, right through to her Bachelor of Music in Composition with Dr Stephen Cronin, which she received in 2005 at the Queensland Conservatorium. In 2012 Rachel returned to studies to complete a Master of Music Studies in Composition in 2013. During that time her achievements included placings in the A.G. Francis Composition Prize in 2002, 2004 Fellowship of Australian Composers Award, and first place in the advanced section of composition for the Keys Festival for Australian Music (2006). In 2013 Rachel was awarded the national Fine Music FM Young Composers Award which was performed by the Willoughby Symphony Orchestra and Choral.

Composer website:  http://www.australianmusiccentre.com.au/artist/merton-rachel

Featured Works

And the World was Finally Right, for choir and orchestra.

Before the first atoms got into first patterns they knew…” That was the first line that inspired me to think of the creation of the universe and how love is its parallel, two forces becoming one, all of these different aspects that create the final balance. Certain words jumped out from the poem to inspire me to create different effects. For example ‘atoms’ has an eerie space like quality, the music is free flowing until the change of tempo brings the piece into the 7/8 pattern. The section for the word ‘ticking’ has a very distinct pulse, and later the word ‘heartbeat’ takes on its own rhythm within the music.

And the World was Finally Right won the 2013 national Fine Music 102.5 Young Composer Award which comes with a $3,000 prize and the privilege of having the composition premiered by the prestigious Willoughby Symphony Orchestra under conductor Stephen Mould.

Fine Music presenter, Julie Simonds praised the sensitivity and aptness of Merton’s entry And the World was Finally Right. “Rachel’s composition was written with the thought of a community choir and limited rehearsal time. The work is lyrical and the poetry blends beautifully with the music. ”

Lynne Lancaster mentions “Merton’s… And the World Was Finally Right is a short, shimmering explosively powerful and tempestuous piece, with hints of Sculthorpe’s works.” The poetry A Brief History of Love was written by Melbourne poet Jordie Albiston.

Featured in Playlist 5: Nature Waves (31/5/2015)