Rhys Little


Rhys Little (b.1998) is a Sydney Based composer, performer and conductor with a young but packed-full career in many sides of the music industry. An alumni of the Conservatorium High School, he is currently studying composition at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (University of Sydney) under the tutelage of Liza Lim.

Rhys’s work as a composer overlaps many genres of ‘classical’ music, to the point that no two works are the same. His work is at once modernist, romantic, sonorist, calm, agitated, structured, free and always unyieldingly humanist. Some pieces are multimodal, involving spoken text and electronics, where others are purely acoustic. All of Rhys’s music is concerned, at some level, with questions of human existence and experience, which is likely the basis of its diversity of styles.

Rhys is a vanguard of the new generation of ‘classical’ musicians, intent on breathing new life into the ancient art of ‘classical’ music.

Composer website: https://www.facebook.com/RhysLittleComposer/

Featured Works

Reflections Over Dark Water, from Two Nocturnes, for solo piano

These pieces [Two Nocturnes] are little meditations on the state of mind, the physical feeling, the transparent harmony of the night. These are deeply feeling, but simultaneously clear and unsentimental, responding to the long tradition of piano nocturnes from Lizst onwards.

Recorded live at Konzertprojekt: Frames on 8/9/17. Composer at the piano.

– Rhys Little

Featured in Piano Waves – October 2019