Rishin Singh


Rishin Singh (born 1985, Kuala Lumpur) is a musician/artist/writer living in Berlin. He studied classical trombone at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music (Bachelor of Music Studies) and received Honours 1st Class in a Bachelor of Arts at the University of Sydney.

As a composer and performer, Rishin’s work investigates modes of perception, quietude and repetition. He has performed across Asia, Australia, Europe and Canada with collaborators such as Ensemble Offspring (AU), Toshimaru Nakamura (JP), Konzert Minimal (DE), Koen Nutters (NL), Catherine Lamb (USA), Karen Power (IR), John Godfrey (UK), Cathy Milliken (AUS), Johnny Chang (DE), Jon Rose (AU), and his own ensemble Songs (DE). Selected festival appearances include DAAD Mikromusik (DE), The NOWnow (AUS), Lacking Sound Festival (TW), Audio Art (PL).

He has premiered new works by composers such as Clare Cooper (AU), Martijn Tellinga (NL), Eva-Maria Houben (DE), Antoine Beuger (DE) and Goh Lee Kwang (MY), and has been commissioned to compose for artists such as Claire Edwardes (AU), Ur 1st Luv (AU), and Ensemble Manteia (AU).

His writing has been published by Editions Kahn (CH), RealTime (AUS), Insub (CH), and Lateral Addition (USA).

Selected exhibitions include at ArtSpace Sydney (AUS), Ithaka Festival Leuven (BE) and Errant Bodies (DE).

Composer websites:  www.rishinsingh.comwww.soundcloud.com/rishin-1

Featured Works

the stymphalian birds, for percussion and electronics.

‘the stymphalian birds’ is an oral score based on the Greek Myth of Heracles’ Sixth Labour. the composer recounted the myth and a partial exegesis of it to each performer.

Featured in Experimental Waves – May 2016 (1/05/2016)

a body to itself, joining others (1), for three contrabasses, one cello.

‘a body to itself, joining others (1)’ is the first in a series of compositions exploring the autonomy of individual performers in an ensemble situation. this is a live recording of four musicians managing the roles of ‘leader’ and ‘follower’ during a concert in berlin.

Featured in Human Waves (October 2018)