Ryan Joel Brown


For me classical and art music was ‘the girl next door’. I’d grown up with her and our regular playing together at home and school solidified our childhood relationship. Alas, I was lured away by rock and folk bands, music production and travel. In my mid twenties I encountered her again and, well, she was looking pretty hot! Not because she had grown up and filled out but rather my own maturity and taste had properly developed so that I could fully appreciate her.

Now I do my best to explore different processes that bring out a very personal and spontaneous relationship with the music I write. For this reason I often use the work of painters, writers and other composers to provide an emotional and structural basis for my own work.

Composer website:  http://www.ryanjoelbrown.com/

Featured Works

Moreton Bay Figures, for flute, oboe & bass clarinet.

Drawing on inspiration, at both programmatic and structural levels, from the Moreton Bay Fig tree, this work outlines its natural design phenomenon and mimics its quaquaversal growth.
In this way roots become branches, branches become roots, and melodic lines become tangled in their exploration of the sonic environment.
The performers in this recording were Monash Lai (Flute), Aichlinn Huang-Ryan (Oboe), Michael Thrum (Bass Clarinet).

Featured in Playlist 5: Nature Waves (31/5/2015)