Sally Greenaway


Australian composer, arranger and pianist Sally Greenaway works in a multiplicity of styles and genres, from orchestral film and concert works to jazz, neo-Baroque and Latin-inflected big band, chamber and solo music, as well as vocal music. Her latest album Aubade & Nocturne has just been released to critical acclaim on the ABC Classics record label. She is currently working on a new commission from the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra as part of the Cybec 21st Century Australian Composers program, and has more than 60 works published, many of which are available through the Australian Music Centre. She is a graduate of the Royal College of Music, London.

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The Feud Suite, for Soprano & Narrator, Piano, Violin 1, Violin 2, Viola, Cello, Double Bass.

The Feud Suite is a collection of 7 short movements of music separated by vivid poetry. The music for this suite was originally composed for an original film soundtrack for the short film The Nest, directed by Em Cooper (London, 2010). Upon returning to Canberra, I wanted to re-work the film music into a suite for concert hall and collaborated with Canberra writer Tanya Kiermaier, whose poetry harks poignantly towards the darker side of Australia’s Montague Island history:

“…Through the bitterness of dark, the light circles, deep and silent as the universe.
While wind flaps and hums through snarls of kikuyu whips round the children’s graves and flings itself out into the spreadeagled ocean…”

Featured in Playlist 6: Meditative Waves 30/06/15

Flywheel, for Jazz trio; piano, bass and drums.

Stylistically influenced by Tord Gustavsen, EST and Vijay Iyer this work is written in a modern jazz style, drawing upon the harmonic language of poetic classical music and Eastern European/Middle Eastern harmonies. A relentless background triplet figure underpins expansive melodic phrases. The bass is also featured prominently in the piece, intertwining the melody parts with the piano. This was commissioned by Restrung (festival of new music) for jazz ensemble Trichotomy (Sean Foran on Piano; Sam Vincent on Bass; John Parker on Drums) for whom the work has been dedicated.

Featured in Spotify Waves – February 2017 (01/02/2017)