Sam Harvey


Sam Harvey is a Melbourne based composer and sound artist whose work explores the possibilities of new sonic qualities and tonalities. His music makes use of extended techniques, microtonality, and altered tunings. He has studied at Monash University under the tutelage of composers such as David Chisholm, Stefan Harkenberg, and Mary Finsterer, as well as writing for International performers Frauke Aulbert, Gisbert Watty, the Quartet, and the BIFEM Argonaut String Quartet. Sam’s current interest is in Spectral music, Instrumental synthesis, and noise music.

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Featured Works

Bloodlines, for Electric Guitar and Pliers.

Bloodlines takes traces from ECG’s and heart monitors and maps them onto the fretboard of an electric guitar, amplifying the sound of blood coursing through someones body. I also wanted to look at the idea of a bloodline as a line of ancestors, looking the violence that creates, protects, and destroys them (taking a pair of pliers to the strings of the guitar towards the end of the piece).

Featured in Guitar Waves (December 2018).