Scott McIntyre


Scott McIntyre completed his Masters Degree in Composition at the University Of Melbourne and also his PHD in Composition at the University of Tasmania with the assistance of an Elite Scholarship in 2013. His music has been performed and recorded in the United States, Europe, Asia and Australia by artists such as Michael Kieran Harvey, Barrie Webb, Brigid Burke, the Arditti String Quartet, Silo String Quartet, the Israel Contemporary Players, the Brno Philharmonic Orchestra and the Tasmanian, Adelaide and Melbourne Symphony Orchestras. In 2012 he attended the Composing in the Wilderness workshop in Denali National Park, AK as part of the Fairbanks Summer Arts Festival.

In 2014 he was awarded First prize for his piano work, A Universal History of Infamy (Piano Sonata No.2) which he wrote for Michael Kieran Harvey.

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String Quartet No. 3, for string quartet.

“This string quartet highlights and focuses on the quartet ‘not’ playing together. If they keep their heads down and just focus on their own part then they should all reach the end safely.”

Featured in Playlist 7: Eclectic Waves, 31/7/2015

Piano Sonata No.2 (A Universal History of Infamy), for solo piano.

A Universal History of Infamy is a collection of short stories by the Argentinian writer, Luis Jorge Borges. The idea was to write intimate character portraits loosely based on each of the character studies in the book. I also sought to exploit Michael’s more intimate sense of performance in these studies exploring the possibilities of interaction with an assistant and a piece of wood.

Featured in Long Waves – August 2016

Concerto for Piano and Orchestra

This concerto is my re-imagining of Beethoven’s groundbreaking Piano Concerto No.4 It has been meshed into a soundscape of aleatoric madness akin to Lutoslawski’s Symphony No.2.

Featured in Concerto Waves – 2018