Sean Quinn


Sean Quinn is an emerging composer based in Melbourne, Australia. Sean attended St Kevin’s College, Toorak, at which he was a distinguished musician, achieving the prize for Music Performance three years in a row (2016-2018), and having his works performed by various large scale ensembles during his last three years at the college. Sean’s work, Angler – for Strings and Percussion (2018), was performed during the VCAA Top Sound and Top Class series, and was the largest scale work in history to be performed at this style of event.

Now studying a Bachelor of Music, Sean hopes to refine his skills both as a composer and performer in chamber settings. His works have been planned to receive premieres in the latter part of 2019, by groups such as Enyato Duo and Allotropy String Quartet, and others from international groups from New York and possibly Munich. His long term projects include a newly commissioned Violin Concert (2020) and a collection of chamber works for various instrumentalists.

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Featured Works

Frequency Fables, for vocalising flautist.

A somewhat aleatoric work, ‘Frequency Fables’ is an interpretive graphic work that owes its presence to the worlds of Cage and Cardew. The symbiotic relationship between performer and score are explored, as the work unfolds to more haphazard and violent tumblings and aerated huffing. The score itself is only 9 pages, but no instructions lie within the interpretation of it. It gives performers and listeners a new experience, like a code of extended techniques communicating a desperate message of anxiety; a crazed collection of hyperventilations.

Featured in Drama Waves (June 2019)