Vicki Hallett


Vicki Hallett is an accomplished clarinet player from Australia. After studying the clarinet at VCA and a Post Graduate in Music Education at Melbourne University, she spent 13 years in the RAAF Central Band and become Australia’s first female musician Sergeant. After leaving the Defence Force, Vicki was inspired to create Sound Installations and Meditations through her everyday life and abstract occurrences. Her music is being used in many differing ways ranging from pain-relief meditation, Paediatric Wellness (including the Geelong Hospital) to Autism music therapy. As well as performing with the chamber group, Sonus Ensemble, Vicki creates Sound Installations, such as her collaboration with Cornell University’s Elephant Listening Project.

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Featured Works

Huli, for clarinet.

This improvised piece is loosely based and woven around a fragment of a Huli women’s song.

Featured in Playlist 10 – Existential Waves (31/10/2015)

Cartouche, for clarinet and loops.

I spent a few hours alone improvising on my clarinet, in a friend’s recording studio, embarking on a personal voyage breaking away from the restrictions of “mainstream/classical” playing. Letting the notes speak to me-a kind of meditation-with only a short rhythmic pulse, brief melodic fragment or even just one note, I began to weave my sonic inspired one-take compositions from the Cartouche album. There is also a very special story now attached to these recordings. The recordings were lost for a number of years as my friend, the recording engineer, Richard Beechey, tragically passed away at the age of 35 from Gastric cancer. All profits from this album are being donated to help find a cure for this terrible disease.

Featured in Playlist 10 – Existential Waves (31/10/2015)

Elephant Song, for clarinets and elephant audio.

In collaboration with Cornell University’s “The Elephant Listening Project”. Vicki Hallett performs on clarinets with the sounds of Forest Elephants. Remember, the better the speaker system, the better the elephant rumbles!

Featured in Sonic Environment Waves July 2016