Jennifer Butler


Jennifer Butler (b. 1976) is a composer and flutist living in Vancouver, BC. Her music has been described as intimate, resonant, beautiful, and sonorous. Silence, organic change, and layered textures are important qualities in many of her compositions. Jennifer completed a DMA (2009) in composition and a Master’s degree (2002) at the University of British Columbia.

Commissioned and performed by outstanding Canadian artists such as Continuum Contemporary Music (Toronto), The Victoria Symphony, the Turning Point Ensemble (Vancouver), Vancouver New Music, the Thin Edge New Music Collective (Toronto), and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Jennifer’s music has been performed and broadcast across Canada and in the USA. One of her major artistic influences has been her participation, as composer and performer, since 2000 in R. Murray Schafer’s annual interdisciplinary wilderness project And Wolf Shall Inherit the Moon.

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Featured Works

North, for solo flute.

North is part of a four-piece set called The Four Directions, for solo flute. This movement used only multi-phonics, which depict the fragility and vulnerability of the North.

Featured in Canadian Waves (Special Edition June 2016)